Tribute Media Support

We are happy to provide you with your new website. This website is carefully crafted to provide you with an easy user experience and a rich feature set. These documentation pages are designed to help you understand what is possible and serve as a reference and training resource. While it doesn't include every aspect or ability of your website, it covers the basics.

With your hosting and support contract, you are allowed unlimited questions, during regular business hours, via live chat on our website: From there, you can also submit a support ticket if you'd like us to take care of your request. Support costs for completing a support ticket will be billed based on your hosting agreement. If you don't have access to that, let us know and we can get you a copy.

The following four categories are the pages that will help you with your website. Watch for the video icon to see short videos that offer additional explanation and training.

Typography & Colors

Your brand is presented best when you have brand rules that are easy to follow. This page shows all the key brand rules for your site including font and color usage. There are a number of videos to guide you through the management of these rules.

Content & Block Types

Content types and blocks types are the foundations of your new website. Content types provide pages and block types allow for additional elements to be added around that content. This page will show you how they all work.


We have created a library of nearly 1,000 icons you can use throughout your website. This library also includes a couple of videos for how you can use icons in links and buttons.

Block Regions

Regions are the areas on your website were content and blocks live. Having an understanding of how they work together to make a webpage will be helpful for you to design new pages or enhance existing pages.