Basic Page

Tribute Media Demo Image

This is a basic page. As such, there isn’t a whole lot to say about it other than it’s a simple way to add a page of content--including an image--to your website, while also easily adding it to your main navigation menu (or not). The basic page content type is designed to create a consistent look and feel across your website’s content.

So you have some written content. And maybe a supporting image. And you want it to be on the internet? Specifically on your website? That is what a basic page is for.


The image field will automatically size your images to be consistent on each page. You can also add images throughout the content using the rich text editor and choose to float the images left, right or center them.


The rich text editor has all your font and heading styles to take the guesswork out of choosing fonts, sizes and, weights. You simply choose the style (Normal, Heading 2/3/4/5/etc., block quote, etc.) and it will pick up the style from the rest of the site.


Your basic page content type also includes all the resources you need to optimize your page. You can edit the URL (though it will automatically assign your page title as the URL), add a meta description, image alt text, assign an H1 page title, and add links thoughout the content.